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    *IF YOU WIN AND LAST 2 DIGIT OF YOUR WINNING PAYOUT BATCH IS "99" YOU 'LL WIN THIS JACKPOT (FOR BET AMOUNT $1 OR MORE). Jackpot will be processed by manual within 48 hours.    [History Jackpot]
     (Note: WINNING PAYOUT BATCH mean the batch number that you receive winning . NOT the batch number that you make payment. )

Annoucement: Now we have finished server upgrade . All bet that play with no result have been refunded . If you still not get the refund , please contact admin. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Affiliate Program: You earn 10% of every bet of the people you refer to us. The referral link is: where xxx is your PM account , Ref bonus is instant paid out.
Note : If player come to play without referer , commission will be paid to the first referer of the player.

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Disclaimer: This is only a game, DO NOT bet what you CAN NOT afford to lose.

Check Result: The link is: where xxx is your batch paid me.
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